Concerning pest issues with raccoons, generally speaking, about 70-80% of problems are related to Raccoons in the attic. In most cases, people become aware of the problem rather quickly due to the loud noises raccoons will make in the attic at night. Raccoons are nocturnal mammals, so if you have raccoons living in your attic, they will be loudest at night and early morning. Raccoons are most active between 10 PM and 5 AM. Unfortunately, when raccoons are in your attic, they simply don’t need a lot of time to cause mayhem and destruction. That said, it’s best to hire a raccoon trapping service/company as soon as you learn you have raccoons in your attic.

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Pros Of Hiring A Professional Raccoon Trapper VS. Doing It Yourself

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, “why hire a professional? Can’t I just handle this kinda problem myself?”

Well, the short answer is No… It’s not a good idea, and this fact is why; 1 single raccoon in the attic is capable of inflicting $200-$500 worth of damage PER-NIGHT. Even though you might end up paying the trapper a few hundred bucks or so to catch them, you are still saving money on damages the raccoons would likely cause otherwise. In my personal experience as a raccoon trapping professional, I’ve been to many properties where the homeowners waited a good while to call me, sometimes weeks, because they were trying to play it cheap and catch the critters by themselves. As a result, the raccoons ripped apart the attic and some of these people ended up paying thousands of dollars for services such as raccoon feces cleanup, damage repairs, and attic restoration. I never really blamed any of these people for trying to do it themselves, I mean, I like saving money too! But when it comes to raccoons in the attic, they are simply too destructive and you can never really catch them quick enough. Regardless of how fast you get them removed, most people end up paying some kind of fee for repairs. In conclusion, the less time you waste trying to trap raccoons yourself, the less you’ll end up paying for the repair. That’s why you should hire a pro at here at Pest Wildlife Removal!