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We at Platinum Wildlife Removal are very proud to offer our local communities a much-needed public service of offering humane solutions to all human and wildlife conflicts around the Washington TWP, MI area. Residential and commercial property owners living around surrounding Metro Washington TWP, regions can rely on Platinum Wildlife Removal to execute all contracted wildlife control services proficiently, in a humane manner, and at an affordable rate. All our services are 100% guaranteed. A few of our general services include wildlife trapping, animal damage repairs, and attic cleanup.

Platinum Wildlife Removal Obtains All Proper Licensing & Insurance To Provide Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control Services To Private Property Owners In Washington TWP, & The Rest Of Michigan”

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With 2017 being our companies 13th year of operation, all consumers can rest assured we have the persistence, stamina, and experience to offer any, and every kind of wildlife control assistance.  

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About Our Commitment To You!

From the moment a new customer hires us we repay our gratitude by managing and controlling our clients wildlife issues as we would for ourselves. After years of experience operating Platinum Wildlife Removal, we are humbly confident in our ability to restore the peace and comfort to your home. Because of our confidence and experience providing our services, we do not hesitate in offering all valued customers in Washington TWP, a 100% guarantee for all wildlife damage repair, exclusion & animal trapping services. Keeping our customers homes and precious families shielded from potential hazards these animals can pose is very important to us. Platinum Wildlife Removal takes safety measures very seriously, because many animals have the tendency of being unpredictable. Our company is small enough to care, yet big enough to serve. Our wildlife control operators can understand the sense of urgency many people have on their minds when dealing with an infestation. We take pride in addressing your issues quickly, so you can put your minds at ease.  


About Animal Capture & Wildlife Trapping Washington TWP, MI

During animal trapping our objective list does NOT include trapping every animal in your subdivision or neighborhood. This is probably one of the most common financial concerns we are asked about. When asked the question “how many animals will you catch?” We simply reply by stating however many animals are getting into your home, or on property. Our experience plays a big role in executing this. Our Platinum Wildlife Removal technicians utilize advanced methods of critter trapping in Washington TWP, by putting our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) knowledge to good use. The trapping techniques and strategies we use are focused on catching our target pest wildlife species, and to avoid capture of straggling animals. An example of how we catch our target pest instead of “off target" includes an example of a raccoon in chimney problem. Some companies would come out and just throw a trap on the ground, where we actually go up by the chimney to trap. Many of these animals are very territorial, including raccoons. If an animal passing through gets too close to another's established den site, it means trouble for the wandering animal. That is why our IPM tactics for animal trapping involve setting traps closest to den sites.  


Concerns Of Wildlife Infestation

Needless to say when a property owner becomes aware of the extent of damages being inflicted by pests, they want them gone, like yesterday! It becomes an urgent condition pretty quickly once the damages are realized. Costly animal damages in conjunction with the frightening idea of zoonotic diseases being contained in wildlife droppings may send some people into panic mode. Not to worry, Platinum Wildlife Removal is here for you! Our goal is to educate and relieve our potential customer by collecting as much info about their specific issues over the phone. Once we perform our inspection we can tell our new client exactly what is going on, and what services we can offer to fix it. You will be in good hands with our Platinum Wildlife Removal professionals.


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“No more bats! Platinum Wildlife Removal is an amazing company. We had a bat in our house at 2 a.m. on a Saturday, and they came out and caught it. They also performed a thorough inspection of my attic and installed bat doors to give me a permanent fix to my problem. The technician was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

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The Top 5 Pests We Handle In Washington TWP, Michigan


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  1. Raccoons are one of the most destructive pests there are. Platinum Wildlife Removal handles raccoon removal in Washington TWP, MI. by setting traps around the nearest points of entry/infestation. Raccoon trapping is essential to avoid further damages.
  2. Squirrels chew holes around wood siding & dormers to get inside an attic. We are experts in providing squirrel removal services around Washington TWP, MI. Our multiple catch squirrel traps will get the jobs done quickly & humanely.
  3. Bats can enter a home through a gap no wider than your finger. That is why Platinum Wildlife Removal is very meticulous with bat removal projects in the Washington TWP area. We will kindly offer the bats a one-way trip out of your home.
  4. Groundhogs create large burrows around private property in Washington TWP. When groundhogs choose to dig their burrows around foundations it can pose concerns to the well-being of your home. Call us to trap & remove the target groundhogs.
  5. Skunks most commonly infest areas such as under decks & patios around Washington TWP. After we trap and remove the offending skunks, we can offer deck & patio trenching and exclusion to keep animals in the wild, and not under your deck.


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