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The area beneath your deck, patio, shed or porch is prime real estate for animals looking for a dark, dry place to build their nests. A range of animals, from chipmunks to raccoons, skunks, woodchucks and opossums, like the dark space under your deck because it’s usually quiet and protects them from predators. The most effective method to prevent animals from getting under your deck is erecting a physical barrier called “trenching.”

Trenching is a way of keeping any type of burrowing animal out from underneath certain structures. It gives customers a long term solution to a problem that for many years was controlled by simply trapping. Trapping these animals is still widely used by professionals in our industry and is often used by Pest Wildlife Removal professionals in combination with trenching. Most trenching services come with a written warranty of 2-5 years.


Trenching is a way of keeping any type of burrowing animal out from underneath certain structures. It gives customers a long term solution to a problem that for many years was controlled by simply trapping.”

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Wildlife Pest Removal professionals will remove all of the animals from your home and seal off entry points, cleaning affected areas. Our professionals will remove all of the debris and the heavily soiled insulation, remove all of the large droppings by hand and vacuum up the small droppings. We will also spray the attic with an environmentally friendly biological cleaner that makes use of non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes to break down and digest any and all organic and biological waste, and disintegrate it and render it inert. This eliminates the biohazard in your attic, destroys the smell, and eliminates the odors that can attract new animals to your home. Proper cleanup is a very important part of the wildlife control process, both for prevention and your health.

The Trench And Screen Method

The Trench-and-Screen Method digs a trench about 12 inches deep along the openings and installs 1/4 to 1/2 inch wire mesh or hardware cloth or strips of lattice. The material chosen is at least 12 inches wider than the area that needs to be covered. The bottom 6 inches of mesh is bent outward in an L-shape. This prevents animals from digging under your screen. Your professional will Insert the mesh into the trench so the bent end is pointing outward. If the lattice is used its bottom edge will be buried at least 2 feet deep to ensure the animals can’t dig under it. The trench will be backfilled with soil and tamped down to make sure the mesh is snug. The top edge of the mesh will be secured to the underside of the structure, using nails or garden staples, which are U-shaped fasteners that are hammered into the wood. As a safety precaution, a one-way door will be installed somewhere along the wire mesh. This allows trapped animals to leave but prevents them from getting back in. Before blocking the area beneath your deck, your professional from

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The Gap Under Your Shed, Deck, And Porch Is Highly Attractive To Animals Seeking A Dry, Dark Place To Take Up Residence

Wildlife that has been known to live under sheds, decks, and porches. They include Chipmunks, Feral Cats, Opossums, Raccoons, Rats and Mice, Skunks, Woodchucks and too many critters to name.

Make sure nothing is living under your deck, porch or shed. NEVER, NEVER secure an opening unless you are certain that animals are no longer using the area.

We suggest that you hire a professional to do the job correctly. At Pest Wildlife Removal our professionals will make sure all wildlife is removed from the area to be trenched. You can be assured that our work is 100% guaranteed!

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