Dead animal removal can be a stinky business, literally! Whether you have a dead animal in your home or outside, we can definitely help. If you are wondering who to call for dead animal removal, look no more. On this website, I list wildlife control operators throughout the country who can help you get rid of that nasty odor. Simply browse my directory here to find a dead animal removal pro.

There can potentially be hazards to dead animals in your home. The carcass may erode to the point it actually causes damage to your home. While most dead animal problems are outside, such as a dead deer in the yard, animals can also tend to die inside your home. When you have a dead animal inside your wall or ceiling, it can become a major issue. You may not even know where the smell is coming from, but you sure smell something nasty. In these cases, the wildlife professional can remove the dead animal from the source and sanitize it. Sanitation is extremely important because it not only rids the odor but depending on what is used, it may kill bacteria as well.

Dead squirrels, mice, rats, and raccoons in the attic is a common occurrence in our field of work. In these cases, a full attic inspection is required to find the animal carcass. Also, these animals may have died inside of a wall void. The wildlife professionals can cut through the drywall in these cases to access and remove the dead animal. 

Dead deer in the yard is also relatively common. In these cases, the wildlife professional may be hired when the dead deer is located on private property. Some people assume dead deer can be removed without charge, but when the animal is on private property, this is generally not the case. 

Dead animals under the porch or deck is another concern. These situations are probably one of the most common, as far as dead animal removal. Sometimes deck boards will need to be removed in order to access the dead animal. The wildlife professionals may also crawl underneath the deck to remove the dead animal manually. These services are not without charge, and for good reason. You can imagine how nasty it would be to crawl underneath a deck and bag up a stinking dead opossum. 

Wildlife removal professionals are ready to assist you with dead animal removal. Contact the professionals in your area today to rid the fearsome odors caused by deceased wildlife critters.